Course Schedule in CLIent

Persiapan SBMPTN - simulasi soal SBMPTN

Hi everybody, I’m Sabrina from Jakarta, graduated from Senior High School (SMU) in 2016.
My course schedule is started in early morning. After subuh we have morning program. Every Monday and Tuesday morning the tutor will give us some vocabularies. We must be able to make some sentences with the words. Yet, in Wednesday and Thursday morning we must tell a story based on video which we have watched before in front of tutor and our friends. In Friday morning we go to somewhere to do “Morning chit-chat” together over there. Next, we have a short break time to prepare to enter the class.

Class & Camp Programs

We have 4 times to study in the class. There are Grammar class, reading class, Speaking class and Writing class for members of AEM class volume 2, and I join AEM class volume 2. In the night we have “Video Attack” program. We must fill the blank text loading the content of video. All of them happen everyday.


I think CLIent has a good schedule and program. We can enjoy the schedule and its program helps us to increas our capability about English. I am not regretful to join with CLI-ent.

(Sabrina, Jakarta)

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