First Impression of Kampung Inggris


This is my first experience in East Java. The first time I entered in the English village or so-called Kampung Inggris, Kediri. Exactly at 04.49 a.m. I arrived in the station of Kediri. It is not difficult to find a vehicle to Pare village, because there were many motorcycles/ojek offering services to Pare village. Finally, I arrived in Tulungrejo, Pare districts, Kediri. After arriving at Pare, I went to the an English Course that accepted me to join with as a tutor. Over there, I met with two tutors. Then, I was delivered to Enca camp. After breaking, I went to the office and discussed about the work and the rules in the Course. There, I was an officer, with working hour from 07.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m. I didn’t feel comfortable because of the condition and also learning system in that Course.

One day, there was a tutor offered me to move to other institution. Then, I decided to move the institution to the Kampung Inggris CLIent. Finally, I resigned from the English Course I joined before and entered in Client institute. In Client, I met with the tutors and members of Client. I arrived at the Client at 07.00 p.m.

Class Activity

It was the first day I entered the class in Client. I entered the class of Mr. Dimas at 07.30 – 09.00. In that time, the tutor taught about “parts of speech”. Then, I had Speaking for Grammar class with Ms. Septi at 10.00 – 11.30. My friends and I must studied and practiced grammar well. In the afternoon, I had Reading for Pronunciation class with Ms. Enis. In this lesson, I tried to read well and so confidently. After that, at 15.30 – 17.00 I studied with Mr. Dimas about writing. In the night, I had a class again at 19.15 – 20.15 with Ms. Septi titled Video Attack. My friends and I studied listening. After that, I went to the bedroom for sleeping.

(Ms. Laeli)


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